The Diamond S Mfg 1.75 front-end for the Yamaha Nytro. This is not just another lightweight a-arm kit. It changes the geometry of the front end. The 1.75  Kit  has been designed to move the spindles 2 inches forward .The stock Nytro has 7.5° positive camber angle as the suspension moves up and down which makes the sled almost impossible to drive downhill. We have designed a spindle modification along with the plus 2" forward a-arms that cut the 7.5° positive camber to 1° negative camber. The 1.75 Kit greatly increases overall handling and downhill drivability of the Nytro.
*Kits include upper and lower control arms, spindle mod, new high-strength ball joints and new pivot bushings.
Important Note 2008/09 Require updated collar for upper a arms.This is not included.part #8HK-23373-00 ordered from your local Yamaha dealer
                                                                                                            Available in Titanium $925   Chromoly $650
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Polaris Pro-RMK
Pro-RMK titanium a-arm kit include two upper and two lower arms two new chromoly Heim joints for
lower control arm two misalignment bushings and all new delrin pivot bushings. DS titanium a-arms are available with or without sway bar brackets(add $30)

DS titanium A arms weigh-in at 4.4 pounds per set
stock A arms 2013 weighing in at 8.8 pounds per set
stock A arms 2011/11 weight in at 10.8 pounds per set
Available in Titanium $895